Changelog 7: New sign in logging and more

Bugs fixed

Purpose of visit setup warning

When an Administrator activates 'Purpose of Visit' options in the Visitor Questionnaire editor some users forgot to add actual 'Purpose of Visit' options for visitors to choose from when signing in e.g. Meeting, Service and Maintenance, Delivery,  etc...). Furthermore the application did not warn the Administrator of this error. This has now been fixed and Administrators will be warned and prompted to add 'Purpose of Visits' if they try to 'Save' their changes without having done so.

Frequent visitor import template

  1. Users can now populate their 'Frequent Visitor' list via a new 'csv' file import function.
  2. Users can now 'bulk' add or remove frequent visitors to a Group.

Make visitor hosting mandatory

Administrators can now enforce a new visitor policy rule which effectively forces visitors to choose an employee host. When visitors sign in some organizations do not want visitors to be able to select 'NO' to the question "Are you visiting someone". There is now an option to hide the NO option.

Who signed that visitor in?

When a visitor signs in to or out of your location using a self-register visitor kiosk, WhosOnLocation creates a visitor transaction record. The record includes, as a minimum, the visitor name, from, host, and the date and time of sign in and out. The same transaction data is created when a visitor is signed in by a Location Manager (receptionist, concierge, security guard etc...).

The Reporting function now includes an new record showing which 'user' or 'kiosk' signed that visitor in and out. For example: If John Doe was signed by a Receptionist called 'Michelle Smith', then the reporting will show that 'Michelle Smith' was the ''user' at that time. If John then signs out via another receptionist on duty or via a kiosk, the report will show the respective 'user' that signed them out.

Location managers can now scan a visitor out

Location Managers can now install a barcode scanner on their PC and scan a visitors pass out directly form the visitor main Location Manager screen without the need to click the Sign Out button or any other scanning enabling function. Just scan the pass from the main Location Manager screen and the Location Manager will get a confirmation that 'Visitor X' has been signed out.

New visitor pass now supported

Your WhosOnLocation account now supports the smaller 70mm x 54mm Visitor Label size from Dymo. Many users have expressed a desire to have their Visitor Pass inserted into a plastic sleeve with a Lanyard for higher visibility of a visitors status. The Large label we support is 101mm x 54mm which was too large for lanyard holders. You now have a 70mm x 54mm option. (Dymo Product codes: 99015 or S0722440)

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