White-listing Emails and Domains

Many ISPs and e-mail providers have spam-filters or use blacklists in order to weed out unwanted SPAM e-mails. We use SPF records, DKIM signatures and DMARC policy to improve our mail delivery reputation. However, some filtering programs may still incorrectly identify emails from WhosOnLocation as SPAM. If you use the any of the following ISP’s or email providers we have provided some steps to make sure you will receive emails from WhosOnLocation.

Microsoft Outlook

  1. Highlight the email from WhosOnLocation you would like to add to your safe senders list.
  2. From the Actions tab, select the Junk E-Mail Option and then the Add Sender’s Domain to Safe Senders List.      


  1. Click the drop down arrow next to Reply in the upper right side of your inbox screen.
  2. Click the Add to Contacts List from the list that appears.    

Windows Live Hotmail

  1. Select Options (it is in the top right of your mailbox) – then select More Options.
  2. Select Safe and Blocked senders (under the Junk e-mail heading). 
  3. Select Safe Senders and enter msg@whosonlocation.com

Apple Mail

  1. With the WhosOnLocation email open, select Message from the menu bar.
  2. Select Add Sender to Address Book.

Group Policy Level Browser URL Domains

To setup access to your WhosOnLocation Account for end-users please have your IT support people add the following email addresses and domains to your whitelist.


  • https://whosonlocation.com
  • https://whosonlocation.zendesk.com
  • https://mobile.whosonlocation.com
  • https://induct.whosonlocation.com
  • https://evac.whosonlocation.com
  • https://login.whosonlocation.com
  • https://helpdesk.whosonlocation.com

Email Address

  • msg@whosonlocation.com
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