Setting Up Locations

In this article we show you how to set up a Location in your WhosOnLocation account.

A location is the physical premises where you wish to manage the presence of people like visitors, contractors and employees. A Location Name is the name your organisation uses when describing the location. For example: Head Office, Call Centre, Main Campus, etc...).

Time Zone

There are many areas of your WhosOnLocation account where we record the date and time of an event. Examples include the date and time a visitor signs into and out of this location. You must select the Time Zone that applies to the Location you are setting up here.


Most organisations assign their employees into logical working groups commonly referred to as 'departments'.
Every WhosOnLocation account has a 'Master' Department list which can be used as the department list for each location. However, it is not uncommon for different locations within your organisation to have different names for their departments and/or departments that differ from the Master Department list. When setting up a Location you can assign departments from the Master Department list to the location to create a unique Department list for that location. Then when adding employees to the location, they can be assigned to the correct department associated with their location.

Location Groups

If you add multiple locations you can assign them to 'location groups'. You can run reports on people presence by location and/or by location group if you use them. Assigning locations to groups makes it easier to find a location when you have 20+ locations. You can edit, add, and delete the default groups in the location group dropdown list.

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