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How to activate Visitor Notification Alerts for all or some Employees

Whenever a visitor checks in, you can have their host automatically notified.

There are two types of visitor notifications:

  • Email notifications are free with all WhosOnLocation Plans. By activating email visitor notifications, all people (like employees) with an email address recorded in their WhosOnLocation profile will automatically have email visitor notifications turned on.
  • SMS (text) notifications are an opt-in and do carry an additional fee and must be pre-purchased at time of deployment. In order for SMS (text) notifications to work the employee must have a mobile (cellular) phone number recorded in their WhosOnLocation profile. 
Note: Every trial receives 50 free SMS credits to evaluate the benefit of SMS Notifications.

Visitor Notification Options

  • Employees can turn their email and/or SMS (text) visitor notifications off or on through the employee dashboard.
  • Employees can also choose to add other people (like a team support or personal assistant colleague) to their visitor notifications.
  • Administrators can deactivate and/or edit any staff member’s visitor notification settings. 


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