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Create Your Visitor Notification Email Signature

In this article we show you how to add your organization’s email signature to your WhosOnLocation Visitor Arrival Notification emails.

About your Account level Email Signature

The image below shows a typical Visitor Arrival Notification that is sent to an employee advising them that a visitor has arrived on-site to see them.

Note: The email signature is inside the red box below.


Setup your Default Account Level Signature

The default signature is automatically applied to all locations in your account.

Navigate to Tools > Account

Select the Branding option in the red box below and then the Email Signature tab in the orange box:

Create your organization’s 'Default' Visitor Arrival Notification email signature by entering text onto the blank canvas.

Use the Editor tools to add formatting then select Preview Email to see what your signature looks like.

Select Close (to close the preview)

Select Save


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