Add your frequent visitors

Add people who visit regularly to your personal frequent visitor list. Any user can create their own frequent visitor list.

Creating a frequent visitor list is useful for pre-registering visitors that come on-site often. You can add visitors manually one at a time, or add multiple entries at once with a CSV import.

Access your frequent visitor list

There are two ways you can get to your frequent visitor list:

  • Click Go next to Manage my Frequent Visitor List on the home screen.
  • Go to My Visitors > My Frequent Visitors.

Create a frequent visitor list

There are two ways to add frequent visitors to your list, either manually one-by-one or by importing a CSV file of multiple visitors.

Single visitor

  1. Click Add Frequent Visitors.

  2. Click Add a Visitor Manually.
  3. Enter as much visitor information as possible. You must enter any fields with a red asterisk, all other fields are optional.
  4. (Optional) To add the visitor to a group, click Update Selection. Select the relevant group and click Close.
  5. Click Save.


The visitor will be saved to your frequent visitor list for you to add to pre-registered events.

Multiple visitors

If you have a lot of frequent visitors you may want to add multiple entries in one go, you can do this by importing a CSV file of frequent visitors.

  1. Click Add Frequent Visitors
  2. Click Download the Visitor Import Template and save it to your computer.
  3. Open the template CSV file.
  4. Add your people to the spreadsheet.

  5. Save the updated spreadsheet to your computer - Please make sure to save this in the CSV UTF-8 format for best results.
  6. Click Import your Visitor List from a CSV File.

  7. Click Select CSV File.
  8. Select the CSV file from your computer and click Open
  9. Click Import Frequent Visitors.


The visitors will be saved to your frequent visitor list for you to add to pre-registered events.

Edit visitor details 

You can view and edit the details of each visitor individually by clicking the View button next to their name. You may want to add more details to each visitor as required by your organization.

You can also add or remove them by selecting the checkboxes next to their names and using the Run an Action menu to bulk delete them.

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