How Your WolMessage Inbox Works

In this article we take you through how the WolMessage Inbox works.

About your WolMessage Inbox

It is important that you, our user, is kept informed of any WhosOnLocation scheduled service and maintenance notices as well as any new feature releases.

All users are advised of pending services outages and new feature releases via the in-application WolMessages service accessible via the upper toolbar envelope (see image below)


Like many in-application messaging services, WhosOnLocation uses an envelope located in the upper toolbar. A red bubble icon, with a white number indicating the total number of messages not read, will be displayed.

Users can view messages, archive read messages, and 'Star' messages. The latter is the same as tagging the message to be 'Read Later' or simply as a way of creating an 'important to read' list.


It is very vital to the team here at WhosOnLocation that your WolMessage Inbox does not become cluttered with messages and announcements that do not affect you. For that reason the support team can create new messages and 'post' them into the WolMessage Inbox of only those users whose use of WhosOnLocation is affected by the announcement.

What happens if the service is down? How do we stay informed of service outages and updates?

Users can also opt-in to stayed informed via email. 

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