Subscribing And Unsubscribing From Email Communications

In this article you will learn how to subscribe and unsubscribe from communications we send you via your registered email address.

About our Communications

It is important that you, our user, is kept informed of any WhosOnLocation scheduled service and maintenance notices as well as any new feature releases. All users are advised of pending services outages and new feature releases via the in-application WolMessage service accessible via the upper toolbar envelope

Our Opt-in Policy

WhosOnLocation's policy about the use of your (or any user's) email address to communicate with them about scheduled service and maintenance updates, feature releases, or to our quarterly newsletter is that you must Opt-in not Opt-out.


  1. Users can opt-in to receive Service and Maintenance announcements
  2. Feature release announcements
  3. Our Newsletter (Quarterly; 4 per year)

Many users have an interest in subscribing to our newsletter but have no interest in service and maintenance announcements, whereas the opposite is true of other users. WhosOnLocation allows users to subscribe to some or all of our announcement types.

Why Opt-in to Email notifications

If you only login to WhosOnLocation intermittently you may miss important service announcements. By opting in to our email notification’s you have reduced the likelihood of not being aware of an important service announcement. Regardless of whether you Opt-in or Opt-out of email notifications all users are notified of announcements via the ‘WolMessages’ envelope icon located on the right hand side of the upper toolbar.

Subscribe | Unsubscribe to Email Communications

To subscribe or unsubscribe from email communications follow these steps.

  1. Navigate to your Profile (upper right of screen click on your name).
  2. Click on My Profile.
  3. On your Profile page click Subscriptions (left - hand side of screen).
  4. Subscribe (YES) or Unsubscribe (NO) to Notifications related to scheduled and unscheduled service and maintenance outages
  5. Subscribe (YES) or Unsubscribe (NO) to Notifications about any new feature releases or feature updates
  6. Subscribe (YES) or Unsubscribe (NO) to WhosOnLocation's Quarterly Newsletter
  7. Scroll towards the bottom of the page and select Save Subscriptions.

How would WhosOnLocation keep users informed of service and maintenance updates or feature releases?

  • via Twitter: @WolOps
  • via Email: We will, if you grant us permission, send updates to the user's email address. However this use of your email is an 'opt-in' service. 
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