Creating A Location Level Email Signature

In this article we show you how to create a location specific email signature for your WhosOnLocation Visitor Arrival Notification emails. You must be an Administrator to create this signature.

About Location Level Email Signatures

Each time a visitor signs in to visit an employee the employee can receive an automated alert via email and/or SMS.

All visitor arrival notification emails can have an email signature, or footer. By default the location will be using the account level signature however, you may wish to include the email address of the location's reception team, the physical address of the location, or any other customization as part of the email signature.

Note: If you wish to see how to manage the account level email signature please see our Helpdesk article Create Your Visitor Notification Email Signature

Set up a Location Specific Signature

To create a location specific signature:

1. Navigate to Tools > Locations

2. Select the green View button beside the location you wish to manage

3. Select Location Settings from the left-hand menu

4. Select the Email Signature tab


5. Make any adjustments to the signature

6. Use the Editor tools to add formatting

7. Select Preview Email to see what your signature looks like.

8. Select Close (to close the preview)

9. Select Save

Your new signature will be applied automatically to any visitor notification emails.

If you ever want to change the signature back to the account level signature, simply follow the same steps and select Reset to Default before saving.


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