Changelog 15: Custom Filters added to Reporting

New Custom Filters Feature
We are pleased to announce the release of 'Custom Filters'. From today Report Users will find a new 'Add a Custom Filter' button under Reporting when the user is in View Report mode (as opposed to Infographic mode).

How does it Work?

  1. Make sure you are in 'View Report' mode and not 'InfoGraphic' mode.
  2. Select your Data source (Visitors or Employees - note Contractors is coming soon)
  3. Select the Add a Custom Filter button located bottom left.
  4. Choose your Filter and its corresponding criteria
  5. Select Save Filter

Can you add multiple filters?

Can you Save your Custom Filters?
Yes. Use the Options button located on right of screen to 'Name' and 'Save' your Custom Report.

Can you create multiple Custom Reports and Save them?
Yes. Create as many custom reports as you like using the process detailed above. Every time you return to Reporting you can jump straight to a Custom Report by selecting Options and choosing the Custom Report Name. 

Are your Custom Reports unique to you?
Yes. They are not accessible or shared with other users.

Can you Export a Custom Report?
Yes. Simply use the Export button to export your report as a 'csv' or PDF' formatted report.

Ideas for a Custom Report?

  1. The number of people on-site right now who would need assistance to evacuate your location.
  2. The total amount of time visitors from 'X' company spend on-site in the last 30 days.
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