Assigning Tokens to Employees

How to assign a token to your employee to allow for an easy scan in/out ability. You need to have the Administrator user role to assign tokens to employees.

Tokens are anything used for access control for a specific person. These are typically barcodes or RFID tags, but can be anything which can be scanned to identify a unique code.

Before tokens can be assigned the Identity Management Add-On needs to be activated. You can then set up different types of Tokens in Identity Manager, and assign specific tokens to individuals through their employee profile.

You can download the entire Assigning Tokens to Employees article here.

How to Assign Tokens to Employees

Sign into your WhosOnLocation account as an administrator, then:

1. Go to Tools > Locations

2. Click View next to the home location of your employee

3. Select Employees from the left-hand menu

4. Search for your employee and click View next to their name.

5. Select Employee Tokens from the left-hand menu

Note: If you are using a RFID scanner/reader you will need to download our RFID Utility Tool first. You can do this by selecting the button in the upper right of the Token screen.

6. Click Add Token

7. Enter the Token ID Type - these are set up in Identity Manager

8. Enter the Token ID Number - the most accurate way to enter this code is to scan the token directly into this field

9. Enter an Issued and Expiry date - this is optional


10. Click Save

The token can now be used by the employee to sign in and out of the location through scanning and will appear under their profile in WhosOnLocation.

You can edit this anytime by selecting the green View button and make the token inactive by selecting the gray Remove button, meaning it cannot be used.

Employees can hold any number of tokens at the same time which are interchangeable for sign in and out.

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