Introduction: WolMobile

WolMobile must be activated by the Account Owner before use.

Whether you need to account for employees and/or contractors in the event of an emergency or simply need to track attendance it all starts with knowing who is on-site and who is off-site. We make it easy for organisations to manage the presence of employees and/or contractors by giving you a wide range of methods that your employees can use to tag themselves on or off site on any given day.

What can a WolMobile User Do?

Users granted access to the WolMobile app can:

1. Sign-in (tag themselves on-site) to their home base location.

2. Sign out (tag themselves off-site).

3. Sign into another location in your WhosOnLocation Account if they have Global Roamer rights.

4. Update their current Geolocation if they are offsite. This option effectively uses their phone’s location services function to pin point where they are, it then sends the map coordinates to your WhosOnLocation account and Report users can view the GeoLocation map to see where people are. Particularly useful when your people are working offsite.

5. Users can also be presented with ‘push’ notifications referred to as Acknowledgement Notices in WhosOnLocation. In essence an employee signs into a location and as part of the sign in process on WolMobile they are presented with one or more hazard warnings or other notices they must acknowledge as part of their signing into that Location. A great feature for managing hazard warnings and recording who has and who has not acknowledged them.

6. Every time a user updates their Location Status a record is created in your WhosOnLocation account.

  • Report users can run an employee presence report to see who is where, when they signed in, when they signed out, and the method by which they signed in; as in WolMobile, an Employee kiosk, via a Sign In/Out Manager, via a card scan etc…
  • Evacuation reports are updated for the respective location in real-time.

Does the user need a smartphone?

Users of WolMobile must have a smartphone; effectively any recent mobile phone with a web browser and a touch interface should work.

Is WolMobile a web site or a Native app you download onto your phone?

WolMobile Works with any recent iPhone, Android, Windows, or other smartphone with a touch enabled interface as an HTML 5 web app from your phones browser. Users can also get the WolMobile app in the iOS App Store or Android Google Play as a native app.

What other Add-ons and Features in WhosOnLocation benefit from WolMobile?

When a user updates their Location Status a number of other features in your WhosOnLocation Account are affected (if you are using them).

A user updates their Location Status to On-site.



Their status is reflected in real-time employee reporting.


If the user updated their Location Status then their status is reflected in real-time GeoLocation reporting.


Their status is reflected in the Sign In/Out Manager’s (receptionists) on-site tools.

Are there in additional Fees for using the WolMobile Add-on?

There are no additional license fees associated with WolMobile. However please note the following:

1. To grant a user (employee or service provider) access to the WolMobile app Administrators need to be sent their personal unique WolMobile Code. This is sent to the user via sms (text) or email. If sms is chosen as the option you will incur sms charges for the sending of that text. It is a one time charge each time you send a code link (see How to Grant an employee WolMobile).

2. WolMobile connects to the internet to update the user's location status using their mobile phone. As a result they will incur the standard data costs from their carrier.

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