Introduction: WolMobile Legacy

WolMobile Legacy will be decommissioned on March 31 2021. Please change to the new version before this date.

Whether you need to account for employees and/or contractors in the event of an emergency, or simply track attendance, it all starts with knowing who is on and off-site. We make it easy for organizations to manage the presence of employees and/or contractors using WolMobile.

WolMobile users can sign in and out of locations, send the user’s location to WhosOnLocation, and receive Push Notifications for visitor/contractor arrival on-site.

WolMobile is a free add-on with all WhosOnLocation subscriptions and must be activated by the Account Owner before it can be configured and used.

To activate the WolMobile add-on:

  1. Go to Tools > Account.
  2. Select Add-on Management from the left-hand menu.
  3. Set WolMobile to Yes.
  4. Set Locations Activated to either All (for all locations) or Selected (and choose which locations will use the add-on).
  5. Click Save.

Once enabled, Administrators will be able to configure WolMobile settings for their locations and Contractor Administrators will be able to configure the settings for contractors.

Click here for more information on setting up WolMobile options.

WolMobile Features

Sign In/Out

Employees and contractors can sign in and out of any location they have access to. When signing in, they will be presented with basic questions and acknowledgement notices that are enabled for the location. Any triggers relevant to their sign in or out will be activated.


Track employee and contractor locations when signing in/out, and for the duration of their time on-site using WolMobile GeoLocation tracker.

GeoLocation tracker uses the employee or contractors cell phone's location service to track and record location data.

Please Note: This feature uses wi-fi or mobile data to send location data and the accuracy is based on the connection.

As the Administrator of WhosOnLocation you are the only one who can change GeoLocation settings. GeoLocation tracking can be set as either mandatory or optional.

Mandatory - GeoLocation data will be sent automatically for the duration of the employee/contractor is signed or only at sign in and out.

Optional - The employee/contractor will be asked if they want to send their location data when signing in and out and for the duration of their time on-site.

Please Note: To use Geolocation tracking, location services must be turned on for the employee or contractor.

Push Notifications

Employees can receive Push Notifications announcing visitor and/or contractor arrivals on-site. Push notifications can be used instead of text messages and do not incur any additional SMS charge.

Please Note: To receive Push Notifications, employees must allow WolMobile to send Push Notifications.

Mobile Minimum Requirements

To use WolMobile, an employee or contractor must have an iPhone with iOS 9+ or Android phone with Android 12+ with an internet connection.

To use the GeoLocation features, a user must have the location services feature turned on.

To receive push notifications, employees must allow WolMobile to send notifications.

Windows Phone Users

WolMobile is available for users of Windows phones through a browser application, there is no native application for the Windows operating system. Functionality is limited for Windows users; GeoLocation tracking and Push Notifications are not available.

To access WolMobile on a Windows phone, open the browser and go to Use you WolMobile code, sent by your WhosOnLocation Account Administrator to access the app. Save it to your home screen for easy access. Signing in and out works the same as the native app on Android or iPhone.

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