Setting Up WolMobile Options (at a Location)

In this article we show you how to setup the WolMobile settings at the location level.

You can download the Setting Up WolMobile Options (at a Location) article here

When you are ready to get started click Next

  1. Navigate to Tools > Locations
  2. Select the green View button alongside the respective location
  3. You are now viewing the primary ‘settings’ area for the nominated location. Setting options are displayed on the left of screen. Select WolMobile (located lower left).

Trouble Shooting

What if WolMobile is not displayed as an option under the location settings? Answer: If WolMobile is not displayed as an option it either means:

  • WolMobile at the ‘Account’ level has not been activated under Add-ons by the Account Owner or;
  • It has been activated but not for this location.

To address either of these issues refer to “Lesson 2: How to Activate the WolMobile Add-on”.

Activating Options

Tag On | Off

Tag On | Off Site allows users of WolMobile to simply tag on or off site. When a user tags themselves on-site or off-site the following occurs:

  1. The respective location’s evacuation report automatically adjusts to reflect that the user is on or off-site and a date and time stamp is captured enabling report users to see when a person was on or off-site.
  2. Any user logging into WhosOnLocation from their PC can use the employee search tool. The status of the employee they are looking for will reflect any change they made using WolMobile. So if Bill Deans uses WolMobile to tag off-site; any subsequent search for John will show that he is ‘off-site’ until he changes his location status again.

Note: Just because the option for Tag On | Off is set to All Employees does not mean every employee automatically has WolMobile on their phone. It simply means it can be deployed to them if the Administrator so wishes. Lesson 4: How to Grant WolMobile to an Employee User explains how to deploy WolMobile to a specific employee.

Employee Location Services

Employee Location Services adds a feature to the user’s WolMobile app (otherwise this is hidden from the users WolMobile options on their phone) that enables them to send their ‘current’ GeoLocation to their WhosOnLocation Profile. You can make this specific Location Services option available to All Employees, Employees in specific Departments only, or selected employees only.

F.A.Q WolMobile Location Level Settings

Question: Are WolMobile users limited to updating their location status using WolMobile only once deployed?

Answer: No. There are multiple ways an employee can tag on or off-site a location. WolMobile is simply one such method. On any given arrival or departure event an employee could (assuming the features are enabled at the location):

    1. Use WolMobile to tag on or off-site
    2. Use an Employee In | Out Board to tag on or off-site
    3. Sign into WhosOnLocation on their PC and update their location status
    4. Ask a Sign In/Out Manager (typically a receptionist) to tag them on or off-site
    5. Use an organization issued ID card to scan themselves on or off-site at the visitor kiosk.
    6. Have their location status automatically updated via access control card usage

Make your selection and select Save


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