Using Custom Filters in Reports

How to create reports customized for your needs. You must have the Reports User role assigned.

The people presence report gives you the ability to add Custom Filters to any report giving you precise information about who has been at your location.

When creating a custom report, first you need to add your standard filters; choose your Location, Data Source, and Report Period. Then, click Add a Custom Filter for more options.

The custom filter options will change depending on the data source and what options are set up in Questionnaire Manager. You can filter by the answers to any basic questions and any other information that is gathered on sign-in e.g. access point, Sign In/Out, Pre-registered by, Safety Operator, etc.

Adding a Custom Filter

In the People Presence Report, once your standard filters are set:

1. Click Add a Custom Filter


2. Select a Filter Option

3. Select a Filter Value

The type of value you can choose depends on the option your select. If using a text field insert * to indicate that what you have entered is only part of the value e.g. Mobile = 64 27* to see all mobile numbers starting with 64 27.

4. Click Save Filter

Your filter will be applied to your current report for you to view.


You can export this report by clicking Export Report and choosing the file type (CSV or PDF), only the filtered data will export.

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