Adding WolMobile to your Phone

In this article we show you how to add the WolMobile app to your Phone after having received your WolMobile Code.

You can download the entire Adding WolMobile to your Phone article here

Depending on whether your Administrator sent your unique WolMobile Code to you via email or sms (text) will determine how you add WolMobile to your Phone.

  1. Open the text message or the email from your phone
  2. Select the URL Link in the test message or the email
  3. You are taken to the WolMobile login screen.
  4. Enter your WolMobile Code
  5. Select Login
  6. You will then be taken to the Home Screen of WolMobile. At this stage WolMobile has opened up in your phone’s browser. WolMobile is now operating as nothing more than a logged in webpage.
  7. To enable you to access WolMobile in the future, without having to refer to the text message or email every time, we highly recommend you do one of the following (read both before deciding).

Adding WolMobile as a Saved webpage

  1. Select the function on your phone that allows you to save the Webpage to your Home Screen, Favourites, or Bookmarks.
  2. We recommend you add it to your Home Screen if your phone supports this.
  3. The name 'WolMobile' will be auto-created as the app name.

Downloading WolMobile as a Native App

  1. Depending on the phone you have you can download WolMobile as a native app from the Apple Store (iOS) or Google Play Store (Android) from the Settings icon located upper right of screen
  2. Simply make your choice and follow the normal instructions for app downloads from the respective stores.
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