Brother Time-Out and Sleep Mode

About the Brother Time-Out Mode

There is a specific setting that can be programmed from the Brother printer driver directly into the Brother QL700 series of printers that sets its 'Auto power-off time setting' to 0 minutes.

Unfortunately, this function is broken in 64 bit Windows.

32-Bit can be resolved

If the version of Windows being used on the kiosk PC/Tablet is 32 bit, then you can set the 'Auto power-off time setting' to 0 minutes.

64-Bit cannot

If the version of Windows is 64 bit, then the only way to re-program the QL700 series printer is to plug it into a PC running 32 bit Windows (and also has the Brother printer driver installed) or into a Mac (this function works fine from the Mac). Reset the setting then plug back into your 32-Bit PC/Kiosk.


For more support around this please contact Brother.

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