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Creating and Publishing Acknowledgement Notices

In this article, we show you how to create and publish Acknowledgement Notices. You must have the Administrator user role assigned to access this Add-on.

Acknowledgment Notices are used to pop-up a message when people are signing in and/or out to acknowledge. These are often hazard warnings, one-off bulletins, or longer-running necessary acknowledgments.

Creating a New Notice

Sign into WhosOnLocation as an Administrator, then:

1. Go to Tools > Locations

2. Click View next to your location

3. Select Acknowledgement Notices from the left-hand menu

4. Click Create a New Notice


5. Enter the Notice Name – This appears as the header of the notice

6. Enter the Notice Message – This appears as the contents of the message

7. Select Display Notice on – Either Sign In or Sign Out

8. Select the Audience – You can select one, two, or three people types

9. Select the Publish Date – The date the notice will appear from

10. Select the Archive Date – When the notice should be no longer appear

11. Select the Frequency for the notice to appear – Can be set to every time or only once

12. Click Save


The notice will be automatically published on the publish date and archived when it has finished.

Archived Notices

When an Acknowledgement Notice reaches its archive date, it will be removed from the Current view and placed in the Archived view, so you can still see previous notices.


You can click View to see the details of a notice and you can click Clone to create a new notice with the same details of an archived notice.

Please Note: You will need to change the publish and archive dates of the notice before saving.

You can also Delete an Acknowledgement Notice that hasn't been acknowledged yet which will completely remove it from the database. Once an Acknowledgement Notice has appeared once, it can no longer be deleted, only archived.

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