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Sharing Access Control Information

Many customers feel that the integrity of their evacuation report is only useful if employee presence information is also represented - not just visitor presence. To support customers with a requirement to manage the presence of employees on-site WhosOnLocation provides a wide range of tools including Allowing employees to sign in or out via:

  • A visitor kiosk
  • An employee only sign in and out kiosk
  • The Location Manager
  • The employee logging onto their WOL Account
  • A card scan at the kiosk
  • WolMobile, our mobile app for employees and contractors
  • And via data sharing with your Access Control system.

How does Data Sharing with Access Control Work?

In essence your access control system has a library (or database) of unique tokens; each assigned to an employee or contractor. Tokens typically look like an ID card or Access Control Card and support the ability for opening doors via swipe or proximity.

By using WhosOnLocation's Identity Management Add-on you can record the Access Control Card number assigned to an employee in their WhosOnLocation profile. For example John Doe might be issued with an access control token (card or fob) with a unique number like: 282h2ij292. When John uses his access control token to open the main door to the office the access control software can send the token ID and any other relevant information to WhosOnLocation - in real-time. Other information might include door ID, date and time etc...

WhosOnLocation receives the information and changes the 'presence' status of that employee to match that of the access control reader. Readers could be on the outside of the door to let people in or inside the door to let them out.

How does WhosOnLocation receive Access Control information?

We are flexible in how the data is sent to us, as long as we can
identify the employee and their current status. We can either build support at
our end for an existing method you use or work with you to implement a
suitable solution. Some examples of how the data could be sent to us

  • HTTP(S) post to our server
  • Formatted email

Which Access Control Systems does WhosOnLocation Support?

Any system in the world, as long as it can send data to us using any of the above communication methods. This should be just about every access control system available today.

Is there are a fee from WhosOnLocation to setup Data Sharing?

Yes. We charge a one-time Access Control Data Sharing Fee of $145.00 plus any local taxes applicable in your country to cover off the costs of our team working with your access control provider to facilitate the setup.

Will your Access Control Provider charge a Fee?

We would expect there to be but you must defer to them for the answer. Remember, this is not a full integration, all we are asking them to do is to 'share' data with your WhosOnLocation account by sending us the relevant information each time a token is scanned on a door. Other customers have given us feedback that their access control provider was able to set up the outbound notification to WhosOnLocation within a couple of hours. So the charges should not be prohibitive.

How do we get started?

Step 1: Ask your access control supplier if the version you use supports the ability to send notifications (e.g. card or token id, reader id, date and time, token holder name) to a 3rd party via:

  • HTTP(S) post to our server
  • Formatted email

Step 2: Once confirmed send an email to specifying the following:

  1. Your contact details
  2. The make and version of your access control system
  3. The name and contact details of the supplier of your access control system
  4. Answer this question. Is integration required for employees or contractor issued tokens or both.

The WhosOnLocation technical team will then contact your supplier and you to discuss timing and the steps needed to run a test.


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