Check your Internet Explorer browser type

WhosOnLocation no longer supports Internet Explorer. Please switch to a supported browser.

It's important to identify if your browser is 64-bit or 32-bit as this will determine which MeadCo ScriptX plugin you download to enable advanced printing. Downloading the wrong plugin type will require you to uninstall the plugin and install the correct one.

The following instructions apply to Windows 8 machines.

Step 1: Check system type

  1. Click Search on your Charms bar and enter System.
  2. Select System from the search results.
  3. Check the System Type entry, if it reads:

    32-bit Operating System – you're running the 32-bit version of Internet Explorer

    64-bit Operating System – you're using the 64-bit version of Internet Explorer 

Step 2: Check compatibility mode

  1. Open Internet Explorer.
  2. Go to Tools > Internet Options
  3. Scroll down to Security, then find the Enable Enhanced Protection Mode field:

    If the checkbox is selected, your 64-bit version of Internet Explorer is set to process web pages in 32-bit mode.

    If the box isn't selected, Internet Explorer will process pages in 64-bit mode. You'll need to download the plugin for 64-bit browsers.
  4. Click OK to exit the options window.
  5. Install the correct plugin for your browser and set up your printer.