Granting Service Providers Access To WolMobile

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Grant Access to an individual Service Provider 

In this section we show you how to grant an individual service provider access to the WolMobile app.

  1. Navigate to Tools > Service Provider Manager.
  2. Select Members from the options available on the left of screen
  3. Use the Keyword search tool at top of screen to find the respective service provide member.
  4. Any matches will be displayed. Select the green View button alongside the person’s name to open their profile.
  5. The service provider members profile will be displayed on the screen
  6. A pre-requisite for granting a person WolMobile user rights is that they must have either a mobile number recorded in their profile or an email address. Make sure one or both are recorded in their profile.
  7. To grant the user access to WolMobile select WolMobile, located on the left of the employee’s Profile screen.
  8. Select the blue Send WolMobile Link button.
  9. Choose either Send via Text Message (recommended) or Send via Email if the service provider member can receive emails on their phone.
  10. You will see a ‘confirmation’ that the action was completed and the service provider member has been sent their WolMobile URL Link.

Grant Access to Multiple Service Provider Members

In this section we show you how to grant multiple service provider members access to the WolMobile app.

  1. Go to the Members List under Tools > Service Provider Manager
  2. Use the filter options at the top of the list view to refine your list if needed.
  3. Scroll to the footer of the list view
  4. Select the ‘Select All’ option in the bottom of the list view.
  5. Select the Run an Action pick list the option titled: ‘Activate WolMobile
    1. Un-tick any members you don't wish to grant WolMobile access to.
  6. Then select from the resulting sub-option list either via Text Message or via Email.
  7. Select the blue Run Action button

Depending whether you activated their URL link via email or sms (text) the service provider members will receive an email or text or email.

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