Disable Swipe function on Windows 8 machines

The Charm Bar

The Charms Bar in Windows 8 is the bar of icons that slides in from the right side of the screen when swiping on a touch device, or when clicking in the lower-right or upper-right corners of the screen while using a mouse. This bar houses important functions such as app settings, PC settings, device control, sharing options, and the ability to search your PC or your current app.

The issue

You do not want visitors or contractors or other users of your publicly accessible kiosk being able to access settings for your Windows 8 Kiosk. The Charm Bar allows this so we need to disable it.

Disable the Charm Bar

We found this great article on how to disable the Charm Bar. Remember if you use a Windows 8 machine, and the purpose of the machine is that if a Visitor Kiosk, you must run the machine in Desktop Mode, not Metro Tiles mode.




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