Setting Up Token Scanning On A Kiosk

In this article you will learn how to allow Setting Up Token Scanning On A Kiosk.

Barcode Scanning

If service providers are going to scan in using a Barcode printed on their Token all that is required is for a barcode scanner to be installed on the kiosk. If you are already using a barcode scanner for visitor passes there is nothing else to do. The same barcode scanner will work.

RFID Scanning

If your token holders are using tokens that are RFID enabled then you must install a compatible RFID reader or barcode scanner on the visitor kiosk.

  1. You can access the RFID Utility once the kiosk is logged in under Kiosk Settings
  2. Enter the Kiosk PIN
  3. Select More Options
  4. Select the green Download RFID Utility

Once installed Close the window and select Enter Kiosk to go back into Kiosk Mode again.

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