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Service Providers Self-Recording On The Kiosk

In this article you will learn how to allow Service Provider to Self Record via a Kiosk.


Enabling Service Providers to Self-Record their Token on the Kiosk

When adding Tokens to a Service Providers profile we discussed in the previous article we show you how a Service Provider Manager can do this from their own PC or workstation. In this article we discuss how the Service Provider themselves can self-record (or self-assign) their ID Card or Token to their profile while signing in at a Kiosk.

To enable self-registration by Service Providers via the Kiosk:

  1. Go to Tools > Locations > View > Questionnaire Manager
  2. Click ‘Basic Questions Service Providers’, then ‘Token Scan Rules
  3. Select ‘Allow Service Providers to Self-Register’
  4. Select Save
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