Check your SMS/Text Account Balance

Check your current SMS credit status and history. You must be the Account Owner to access this section.

Where are SMS/Text messages used?

There is a wide range of functions within your WhosOnLocation account where notifications and messages are sent to nominated recipients, e.g. visitor arrival notifications, triggers, induction course invitations etc.

Wherever an email notification can be sent, you also have the option to send an SMS notification. These are completely optional and, whilst email notifications are free and bundled in your WhosOnLocation account, SMS notifications are opt-in and incur an additional charge. Charges vary from country to country, see current charges here.

For more help with SMS charges please email or use the Submit a Ticket option in the upper toolbar of the Helpdesk.

Checking Your SMS Balance

To check your current SMS balance, and see a history of purchases:

1. Go to Tools > Account

2. Select SMS Status from the left-hand menu

You will land on the Summary page.



Understanding Your SMS Summary



Current SMS Balance

Displays your current balance. Positive is in green. Negative is red. Close to zero is orange.

Free SMS Credits

Displays your initial free 50 SMS Credits

Purchased SMS Credits

Displays any SMS Credits purchased

Reversed SMS Credits

Displays any SMS Credits reversed due to crediting or accounting error

Total SMS Credits

Displays the total number of SMS Credits applied to your account since Day 1 of your account trial.

Total SMS Credits Used

Displays the total number of SMS Credits used since Day 1 of your account trial.

Current SMS Balance

Is the current SMS Balance

Checking Your Transaction History

To see all historical purchases and reversals of SMS credits, including when they were purchased and how many were purchased, select the Transactions tab.


Checking Which Locations Used your SMS Credits

To see which locations used how many SMS credits, select the Location Detail tab.


If you want to see what messages were sent from which location and when, you can view this in the Notification Summary report.

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