Purged Records

This article shows you where you can view purged visitor records. You must be the Account Owner to view these records.

What are Purged Records

Purged Records are those sign in and out records typically not considered to be 'real' records. For example during your trial you may create false visitor records as part of testing. Post-trial you would not want these false records in your reporting.

Report users can purge any visitor record. To learn how to purge records refer to our Helpdesk article Purging Visitor Records

Please Note: Only visitor records can be purged. Any employee and service provider records are permanent.

Viewing Purged Records

We keep a log of all purged records for your reference. To view these you must be the Account Owner:

1. Navigate to Tools > Account

2. Select the Audit option highlighted in red box below.


You will be presented with a log of all records which have been purged from your reporting.

From here, you can export this list as a CSV or PDF file, as well as use the View Columns button to add more details about the records including when they were purged and by who.

Please Note: Purged records cannot be restored. Nor can they be deleted from this Audit.
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