Assigning Tokens To Service Providers

In this article you will learn how to Assign Tokens to Service Providers.

How to Assign Tokens to Service Providers

The task of assigning a token to an employee can be done by any Service Provider Manager.

1. Go to Tools > Service Provider Manager

2. Click ‘Members’ to view the list of your Service Providers

3. Search for the Service Provider member you wish to assign a Token to and select the green View button beside their name to open their profile.

4. Scroll down to Member Tokens

Note: If you are using an RFID scanner/reader you will need to download our RFID Utility first. You can do this by selecting the Learn More button in the upper right of the Token screen.

1. Select the green Add Token button

2. Choose a Token Type:

* Access control

* Drivers license

* ID card

* Proof of age

3. Place your cursor into the Token ID Number field and using either your barcode scanner or RFID Reader scan the actual token into this field.

4. Whilst not mandatory you can add an issue and expiry date and select Save:

The Token will now appear in this Member Tokens library.

You can edit this anytime by selecting the green View button and Delete the token by selecting the grey Delete button.

Users can hold more than one token at a time.

If the token has expired or has not been activated, the Service Provider will not be able to sign in using the Token and will have the following error message:

‘Sorry, our records show your Token/Card is invalid. Please sign in manually using the green Sign in option’.


Question: Can a Service Provider self-assign their token via the kiosk?

Answer: Yes - learn more about this in this article.

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