Updating Service Provider Members

How to update your Service Provider Member records. You must have the Service Provider Manager user role assigned to edit these records.

There are three ways of updating your Service Provider Member records, manually one-by-one, in bulk via Run Action, or in bulk via CSV import. You can update most information and even delete members using the CSV import.

To access the Service Provider Manager and update your members, the Service Provider Manager Add-on needs to be enabled by the account owner and you must have the Service Provider Manager user role assigned. If either of these are missing, Service Provider Manager will not appear in your Tools menu.

Updating Manually

  1. Go to Tools > Service Provider Manager
  2. Select Members from the left-hand menu
  3. Use the search fields to find the member you want to update
  4. Click View next to the member's name

  5. Make any changes necessary to any of the member's information
    Please Note: You can use the left-hand menu to skip to the relevant area. Make sure to save the page after each change you make.
  6. Select Back to Members List when you are finished to return to the list of Service Provider Members.


Updating via Run Action Menu

The Run Action menu gives you a limited number of options to update in a service provider member's profile and a few unique options to the run action menu; you can run these actions on multiple members at once.

Available Actions

Send Login Permission Email for Portal Users - This will send an email to any selected members who have the Portal User contact role type inviting them to log into the contractor portak. This is a unique action to the Run Action menu.

Assign to Organization - Assigns the member(s) to a specified organization.

Remove an Assigned Organization - Removes a selected organization from the member(s). If the specified organization is not assigned to a member, that member will be skipped.

Change Status to - Select a status to change the member(s) to. You can choose Active, Pending, On-Hold, Inactive, or Banned. 

Activate WolMobile - Sends the member(s) an email with their unique WolMobile code and grants them access to use WolMobile.

Pass Induction Course - Select an induction course for the member(s) to pass using the current date for completion.

Delete Member - Deletes the member(s) and all records of them from your account.

Update via Run Action

  1. Go to Tools > Service Provider Manager.
  2. Select Members from the left-hand menu.
  3. Use the checkboxes on the right-hand side to select the members to update.
    Use the # Records button to display as many records as you have members to update all the members at the same time.

  4. Click the Run an Action menu at the bottom of the page.
  5. Select the Action you want to update and, if required, select the additional information.
  6. Click Run Action.


Actions may take some time to complete depending on a number of records selected. Once the action has finished a message will display confirming the number of records updated and all changes will take effect immediately across the account.

Updating via CSV Import

To update your members in bulk, you need to export your member list, make any changes, then import the changed list. There are options for deleting members when re-importing the list.

Export and Prepare Your CSV File

  1. Go to Tools > Service Provider Manager.
  2. Select Members from the left-hand menu.
  3. Click Export Members.
  4. Save the file to your computer.
  5. Make any changes to the member’s profiles. If you want to delete any members, remove them from this CSV file.
  6. Save your spreadsheet as a CSV file. For best results, use the CSV UTF-8 file type.


Importing Your CSV File

Once your CSV file has been updated and ready for import:

  1. Go to Tools > Service Provider Manager.
  2. Select Members from the left-hand menu.
  3. Click Update Members.
  4. Click Select CSV File.
  5. Select the saved file from your computer and click Open.
  6. Click Next.


    The headings of your columns will be matched automatically with the appropriate fields in WhosOnLocation. If you have entered your information correctly then they will all match up.
  7. Select a Unique Identifier. This will be used to match the records in your file with the records in WhosOnLocation. The most useful identifier to use when updating records is the WOL ID because it is created by the system and unique to every member.

  8. (Optional) If you are deleting any members, tick the Remove Missing Records checkbox, then Confirm Removal on the confirmation pop-up.

  9. Click Next.

Your members will update automatically and you will be notified how many were updated and/or removed.

Exporting Service Provider Members

If you want to export a list of your members to edit or for reporting purposes you can do so from the Member list. You can export all members or only those matching the filters that are currently applied.

  1. Go to Tools > Service Provider Manager.
  2. Select Members from the left-hand menu.
  3. Click Export Members.
  4. Select either Export All or Export based on Current Filters.

    If you choose Export based on Current Filters, the CSV file that is exported will contain only those members matching the filters that are currently applied to the member list.
  5. Save the file to your computer.


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