Introduction: Contractor Management

Contractor Management is an add-on that helps you manage the organizations and individuals who provide a service to your organization. Only the Account Owner can enable an add-on.

Contractors explained 

Contractors are external organizations or individuals who provide a service to your organization. They may be contractors, suppliers, sub-contractors, sole-traders, or consultants. In WhosOnLocation, contractors have two types of profiles:

  • Organization profile - This contains the legal name of the contractor organization, and other key pieces of information like location access, contracts, insurances, and members.
  • Members profile - the profiles of the people that are employed by a contractor organization to deliver a service or product to your organization.

Contractor Management features

Organizations that use contractors and suppliers will, in most situations, be required by policy or regulation to:

  • Keep a record of the names of contracting and supplier organizations.
  • Keep a record of the names of those people that work for these contractor and supplier organizations.
  • Ensure they have been inducted and understand site risks, permanent hazards, rules, and operating procedures for the tasks they perform.
  • Ensure that when they arrive on-site they are aware of any hazards.
  • Ensure an accurate record is kept of when these contractors and suppliers arrive and depart from your site/s.

WhosOnLocation makes the management of these tasks simple. We take away the hassle by giving you easy to use tools to maintain accurate contractor records, to manage the presence of contractors on-site, and to report on all contractor and supplier activity, both real-time and historically.

To get started enable the contractor add-on, then add your contractor organizations

Check out the Contractor Portal to manage your contractors. It's free for you and your contractors to use. 

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