Adding Service Provider Organizations Manually

How to manually add a Service Provider Organization. You must have the Service Provider Manager user role assigned to add organizations.

There are two different ways you can add a Service Provider Organization, one at a time manually, or in bulk via CSV import. If you are only adding one or two organizations, it can be beneficial to do so manually. When adding an organization manually you can also add extra details which would need to be added separately from a CSV import.

Please Note: To add a service provider organization to WhosOnLocation, the only required information is the Organization Name and Trading As Name. We do recommend entering as much information as possible to keep detailed records.

How To Add a Service Provider Organization

To add a Service Provider organization:

  1. Go to Tools > Service Provider Manager.

    You will land on the Organization List.
  2. Click Add Organizations.
  3. Click Add an Organization Manually.

  4. Enter the Profile Information.

    Service Provider Type
     – The legal entity type that this organization is registered as.
    Name – The legal name of the organization.
    Trading As – The trading name of the organization if different from the legal name. If the trading and legal names are the same the trading name will be automatically added.
    Legal ID – The legal ID number of the organization e.g. GST, VAT, Business number, etc.
    Legal ID Type – The type of the legal ID number above.
    Phone Number – The contact phone number for the organization.
    Email Address – The main contact email of the organization.
    Physical Address – The main physical address at which the organization is located.
    Country – The country the organization is from.
    Status – The status of the organization in WhosOnLocation. You can choose between Pending, Active, Inactive, and On-Hold.
    Organization Owner – The person who manages the relationship with this service provider organization.
  5. Click Save & Manage Groups.
  6. Select any Categories and Groups you want the organization to belong to.

  7. Click Save & Manage Location Permissions.
  8. Toggle any locations the organization can access to Authorized or Temporary.
    If temporary, enter the date range they have access for.

  9. (Optional) Select Internal User Access Groups from the left-hand menu and toggle any User Access Groups the organization belongs in to Yes.

  10. Click Save.
  11. (Optional) Select Contracts from the left-hand menu add any contracts the organization has with your company.

  12. (Optional) Select Insurances from the left-hand menu add any Insurance Policies for the organization.

  13. Select Members from the left-hand menu and add Service Provider Members for the organization.

    Please Note: When adding members during the organization setup, you can only enter the members' profile information. Any other information will need to be added afterwards. Have a look at Adding Service Provider Members Manually for more details.
  14. (Optional) Select Notes from the left-hand menu and add any Notes for the organization.


When you're finished, click Back to Organization List to exit the organization's profile.

You can edit the information for your organizations at any time by clicking on the View button next to the organization in the organization list or in bulk via CSV import.

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