Changelog 20: Service Provider Management Documentation Added

In this release!

  1. Service Provider Management Tutorials Released: We have 'posted' the Service Provider Management documentation (see link below) into the Helpdesk.

    Service Provider Management Tutorials

  2. Are you visiting the same person?: Returning Visitors are now asked to 'confirm' that the person they are visiting is the same person they visited last time. Prior to this release they were asked for their name, then they are asked to complete any variable visit questions (e.g. "Are you in our car park (lot)". After completing variable questions they were taken to a Summary screen where they are shown the answers to the sign in questions including whom they visited last time.

    The Problem: Some visitors are not visiting the same employee but don't use the edit 'host' button, displayed on the Summary screen, to change hosts - because it is not obvious they should. The result is an employee gets a notification advising them a visitor is there to see them when in fact - they are not.

    Solution: In this update the visitor is prompted to confirm they are visiting the same person and they can select from 'Yes' or 'No'. The latter guides them through a process to change host.

  3. Bypass Summary Screen: When visitors sign in they often select the wrong host, and/or answer questions incorrectly. The purpose of the Summary screen is to present the visitor with a ''summary' of how they answered each question - with an 'edit' option beside any question if they wish to correct an answer.

    Feature Request: Some of our users believe the Summary screen is not required as it adds another screen to the sign in process.

    WOL Considerations: If a visitor returns to the location WhosOnLocation is designed to make the returning visitor process easier. Given 75% of visitors will answer all questions exactly the same way they did the first time all we ask returning visitors to do is enter their name and WhosOnLocation does a look up. If it finds a match we present the match (es) on the screen.

    If their own name appears they select 'Sign In'. Because we know who they are we take them immediately to the Summary screen where they quickly review their answers and select Proceed to finalise the sign in process.

    When we looked at enabling the Bypass Summary screen option we had to consider that the 'returning visitor' process would not work forcing the returning visitor to answer every question every time they came onsite. This would not be acceptable to many customers.

    Solution: There is now an option to turn off the Summary screen. This will result in the Summary screen being bypassed for first time visitors HOWEVER when they return it reappears to give them the opportunity to change host etc...

    How to turn on Bypass Summary Screen: Administrators go to Tools > Locations > Questionnaire Manager > Basic Questions Visitors > Other Options and select the option titled: "Bypass Summary Screen" and Save.

    Note Bypass does not apply to Service Provider Members (contractors and suppliers).
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