Creating An Asset

How to create an asset using the Asset Manager Add-on. You must have the Asset Manager user role with either Global or Manager rights assigned to create an asset.

Before you can create an asset, you must first set up the Asset Group and Asset Type which the asset belongs to. You can create assets manually one-by-one, or add many assets by importing a CSV file.

Adding an Asset Manually

1. Go to Tools > Asset Manager

You will land on the Manage Assets page

2. Click Add Assets


3. Click Add an Asset Manually

4. Add the Asset Details (see below for more information) and click Next

5. Add any Notes about the asset and click Next

6. Add a Photo uploaded from your computer and click Next

7. Add the Geo Location coordinates and click Next

Quick Geo Location Tip: You can get the coordinates for your location from Google Maps. Look up your address then take the coordinates from the URL. The first number is latitude, the second is longitude.


8. Add the Asset Owner information (see below for more details) and click Save

The asset will appear in your asset list ready to be issued out. You can edit any of the details at any time by clicking Edit next to the asset.

Asset Details


Asset Type – Asset types are set up prior to adding assets, you must add your asset under a type. These are often categories like Vehicle Keys or Hand Tools.

Asset Name – The name of the asset. This should be unique to identify the asset.

Asset Tag and Asset Reference – These are two interchangeable asset identifiers. You can use either of these to search for the asset in the Manage Asset screen. You may make this a barcode which can be scanned to find the asset in a large list. Both fields are used in the exact same way and are there so you can enter multiple identifiers if you want.

Asset Owner


Asset Owner Type – Choose between your organization or a Service Provider

Owner Asset Contact – (If Organization is the owner type) Choose an Asset Manager to be the contact for the asset

Owner Service Provider – (If Service Provider is owner type) Choose a Service Provider organization the asset belongs to

Asset Base Location – Which location the asset is stored at by default.

Asset Department – A department, set up in the location’s settings, that has control of the asset, e.g. facilities, workshop, etc.

Importing Assets via CSV File

You can add multiple assets at once using a CSV file import. You will need to download the import template to ensure your file is imported correctly.

1. Go to Tools > Asset Manager

You will be on the Manage Assets screen

2. Click Add Assets

3. Click the Download the Asset Import Template link

4. Save the CSV template to your computer

5. Open the file and add your assets – Required fields are Asset Type, Name, Owner Type, and Asset Location


Please Note: Do not change or remove any column headers or the template will not import. You do not need to fill out any information which is not required.

6. Save the updated template - Please make sure to save this in the CSV UTF-8 format for best results

7. Click Import your Asset List from a CSV File

8. Click Select CSV File

9. Choose your CSV file from your computer and click Open

10. Click Import Assets


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