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Setting Up Default Policy Expiry Notifications Recipients

In this article we explain how to update your default Policy Expiry Notifications Recipients. You must be a Service Provider Administrator to be able to access Insurance Settings to manage the default Recipients.

Managing your Default Recipients

  1. Navigate to Tools > Service Provider Manager.  

  2. Select Insurance Settings from the directory on the left side of screen.
  3. Select the Notification Recipients tab from the upper tab options.

Prior to an insurance policy expiring your WhosOnLocation account can notify nominated people of the policy’s pending expiry. There are three (3) Notifications.

  1. The Policy Expiring Pending (Notice 1) – advising the recipient the Policy is about to expire.
  2. The Reminder of Policy Expiring (Notice 2) – reminding the recipient the Policy is about to expire.
  3. The Policy has Expired (Notice 3) – advising the recipient the Policy has expired.

There are two types of people that can be notified automatically of a pending policy expiry:

  1. An internal recipient of the notice can be any employee, from any location, in your account. Typically someone like your Compliance Manager, Facilities Manager, Risk Manager, Health and Safety Manager or similar would be an internal recipient. Note you can have one or many people.
  2. Policy Owner: Under the settings for your ‘Contact Role Types’ there is a system Contact Role Type called ‘Insurances’. Use this to tag a member representing an organization as the key person at that organization responsible for their insurances.

Adding Internal Recipients

To notify people within your organization when insurance policies are due to expire:

  1. Choose one or many employees from the ‘Send to this Employee’ options box and/or
  2. Enter a non-employee centric email address into the ‘Send to this non-Employee’ options box.
  3. And Save

Adding Policy Owners as Recipients

To notify the Policy Owner when insurance policies are due to expire:

  1. Set the ‘Service Provider Recipients’ option to Yes.
  2. And Save.

Adding a Reply Email Address

Nominate an internal email address where people must send the updated insurance Policy Details to. The email address you enter here is automatically included in the Notifications sent out to all Policy Holder recipients.

  1. Enter an email address in the ‘Insurance Email Update Address’ field.
  2. And Save.
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