Assign Policy Owner rights to a Service Provider Member

In this article we explain how to select a service provider member and assign them policy owner (Insurances) rights. You must be a Service Provider Administrator, Manager, or Co-ordinator to be able to assign a member Policy Owner (Insurances) rights.

Assigning a Member to Policy Owner

  1. Navigate to Tools > Service Provider Manager.  
  2. Select Members from the directory on the left side of screen.
  3. Search for the member and select the green View button beside their name.
  4. Select the Organizations option from the directory on the left side of screen.
  5. Select the Select Roles button top right.
  6. This will display all of the available Contact Roles Types.
  7. Choose Insurances and click Close.
  8. Choose Save and Exit to commit that Insurances Role Type to the member’s record.
  9. They are now classed as a Policy Owner for any insurance policies setup against their organization’s profile.
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