Granting Employees WolEvac Users Role rights

In this article we show you how to grant employees WolEvac User rights.

You must be an Administrator to be able to grant WolEvac rights to an employee.

Grant WolEvac Rights

  1. Navigate to Tools > Locations.  

  2. Select the green View button alongside the respective Location where the user is being granted WolEvac user status for.
  1. Select WolEvac (located bottom left of screen).
  2. Select Grant Employee WolEvac Access. Note you can choose any employee in your organization regardless of where that employee is based to be a WolEvac user for this specific location.
  3. Enter the name of the employee and select them, then choose the blue Select.

Send User WolEvac App Link

The next step is to send the WolEvac user a link to the WolEvac app so they can add the WolEvac web-app to their phone.

  1. Select the tick box beside their name.
  2. Select from the run action pick list the option titled ‘Send WolEvac code to Manager’.
  3. Select from the resulting ‘Method’ option either via Text Message (recommended) or via Email.
  4. Select the blue Run Action button.

The user will be sent a link to the WolEvac web-app along with the user’s unique WolEvac Access Code. The example below is of the user with an iPhone.

  1. User selects Link.     

  2. WolEvac Login Screen opens.

  3. We highly recommend the user immediately saves the login screen to Homescreen or favourites. This allows the user to access WolEvac quickly, when needed.  

Note: WolEvac is not available on the app store, rather you need to save it to your phone as a shortcut or bookmark.
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