Running A Post-Evacuation WolEvac Report

How to run a WolEvac report.  User Role required to access these settings: Reports User.

To run a report select Reporting > WolEvac Reports. This will show all evacuation reports, the most recent will be at the top.

Select View Reports next to the event report you want to view.


In this report you can see a snapshot of the evacuation event including; date and time of the event, who created the event, duration of event, status of event, and number and who the event verifiers were (if you place your mouse on the link it will display the verifiers).

We also show the high level statistics for employees onsite, employees offsite, visitors, service providers and zones during the evacuation event.


Below the evacuation event summary you can see a list detailing: 

  • Person Name
  • Organization they are from (excluding employees)
  • Verified safe yes or no
  • Type of person i.e. employee, Service Provider, visitor
  • Onsite status (at the time of the evacuation event)
  • Zone they were in (if relevant)


You can filter the evacuation event based on:

  • Verified safe - Yes/No
  • Person Type - Employee, Service Provider or Visitor
  • Zone 
  • Keyword Search 

Pick the relevant filters to search on and click Search.


The default view for the evacuation event data is “View People” however, you can also view zones cleared. A log of event notices and logs can also be viewed. 

You can export the report by clicking Export PDF on the right of your screen.


View Zones

Click View Zone to see the zones that were cleared during the evacuation.


View Notices

Shows all notices that took place during the event.


Under “View Notices” you can view:

Created - time the notices was created.

Verifier - the person who generated the message (if verifier).

Person - the person who sent a help text (if SMS reply).

Notice Type - if the notice was a verifier message or SMS reply.

Notice Message - the message of the notice.

You can filter the notice report with a “keyword search” on the left of the screen.

View All Logs

Summary of all events that happened during the course of the evacuation event.


Under “View Logs” you can view all logs for the event. This includes:

  • Who created the event and notices
  • Any SMS requests
  • Verifers added 
  • Those who SMS self verified 
  • People verified
  • Who closed the event 
  • Any messages sent during the event 

You can filter the Log report based on “log type“ or “keyword search” using the search options on the left of the screen.

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