Badge Pass Printing Across Two Labels

If your badge passes are printing out across two labels, then your MeadCo ScriptX may not be installed.

The MeadCo ScriptX is a tool that enables Badge Passes to be automatically printed from WhosOnLocation without the need for the Receptionist to select a printer each time they print a badge or for a visitor to have to select a printer just to get a badge. It also formats the badge pass each time to perfectly fit your labels.

It is needed for all Windows kiosks and computers to print correctly. The iPad WolKiosk app does not require this tool.

An example of a Badge Pass without the MeadCo ScriptX:

You will need to install the MeadCo Script.

The method of installation varies based on the type of kiosk and the browser you are using. Please search for Link Printer above, select the appropriate article for your setup, and follow Step 1.

If the issue persists, don’t hesitate to contact with a description of your issue and a photo of your label (if possible).

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