About Sign In/Out Kiosks

Sign In/Out Kiosks are used by visitors, service providers, and/or employees to sign into and out of your location. They are self-serve Kiosks which give those people coming on-site the ability to provide information required by your organization without assistance from an employee.


You can use Kiosks to have people sign in, answer questions, get information about your location and health & safety rules, take a photo, print a badge pass, notify their host that they have arrived, and give instructions.

There are two types of Sign In/Out Kiosks, a standard Kiosk and an Inter-zone Kiosk. Standard Kiosks sign people into and out of your location and they go from being off-site to on-site and vice versa. Inter-zone Kiosks transfer people between zones within your location without signing them out of the location.

You can customize your Kiosk with your organization’s branding using backgrounds, logos, colors, and custom messages.

Kiosks can be set up on an iPad running iOS 10+ or a Windows-based computer or tablet running Windows 8+ and the correct browser. For more information on the hardware and software requirements, have a look at these Helpdesk articles:

Setting Up An iPad Kiosk

Hardware Options

Platforms and Browsers

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