Introduction: Branding & Kiosks


A Kiosk is a Windows All-in-One PC, Windows laptop, Windows tablet, or iPad located on or near the reception desk facing out to the general public. A kiosk can also be a touchscreen mounted on the wall or a custom kiosk stand located in the reception area.

In the following series of articles we walk you through 8 steps -

Step 1: Adding a Sign In/Out Kiosk

Step 2: Configuring the Sign In/Out Kiosk Settings

Step 3: Configuring the Sign In/Out Kiosk Mode

Step 4: Configuring the Sign In/Out Kiosk Status Notifications

Step 5: Configuring the Sign In/Out Badge Pass Notifications

Step 6: Configuring the Sign In/Out Kiosk Panic Alarm

Step 7: Configuring the Help Request option for Service Providers on a Sign In/Out Kiosk

Step 8: Displaying your Sign In/Out Custom Questionnaires

Step 9: Sign In/Out Kiosk Branding


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