Changelog 23: Terms of Use Update

Why the Update?
Our reasons are twofold. Firstly in recent months we released two mobile web-apps; WolMobile and WolEvac. Our Terms of Use did not reflect the existence of these features nor the terms or conditions of using them.

Secondly; information technology and best practise has evolved in recent years, as has customers understanding of Software as a Service (Cloud apps) and consequently their expectations and minimum expectations in respect to service levels.

The team at WhosOnLocation reviewed our Terms of Use and as a result we have made some additions and amendments which reflect the issues outlined above.

Our changes are summarized below but rest assured they 'strengthen' Your rights and clarify key points of understanding in respect to Our commitment to service levels, what we would do if a demand for access to Your Data was requested of us by any Party, and what would happen in the event of a security breach of WhosOnLocation. Additionally we have removed Our limitation of liability to You in the event of personal injury, death, fraud or wilful misconduct occurring as a result of Your use of WhosOnLocation.

For Your convenience the changes are listed below:

  1. Definition added for Geolocation, Guest, Location Access Control Point, Location Services, Sign-in, WolEvac, and WolMobile
  2. New Clause 11.1 added to reflect new WolMobile Service.
  3. New Clause 11.2 added to reflect new WolEvac Service and SMS Charging.
  4. New Clause 13.5 added re: Availability | Uptime Commitment.
  5. Amendment to Clause 14: Service Level Commitment Breach. New increased penalties for our non-performance.
  6. New Clause 16: Disclosure of Customer Data following Government Demand.
  7. New Clause 17: Data Protection and Security
  8. New Clause 18: Security Incident Notification added.
  9. New Sub-clause 21.3 where we state that we no longer limit our liability for personal injury, death, fraud or wilful misconduct.
  10. New Clause 22.7 Data Removal on Termination.
  • Your continued use of WhosOnLocation is taken as Your acceptance to these Updated Terms.
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