‘Select Printer’ option not available on iPad kiosk

If you cannot select your printer, please make sure that you turned off Print Sharing as the iPad does not use this. It uses the wifi network.

To turn off Print sharing, go to Tools > Locations > View button > Visitor Kiosks > View button and then untick the box ‘Enable Kiosk Print Sharing and save.


 Then please log off iPad, log back in and try again this time you should be able to select the printer.

After logging into the WOLKiosk app on the iPad:

1) Go to Kiosk Settings (on the iPad located upper right corner).

2) Enter PIN when asked

3) Make sure Print Passes this session is set to YES

4) Make sure you have selected the right printer. This should be indicated on the Kiosk Settings on the iPad.

5) Select Enter Kiosk.


Note: Shared printing only applies if you have one kiosk setup with a printer that you wish to print labels to from the location manager (reception) PC.

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