Re-enable printing after updating MeadCo ScriptX

Support for Internet Explorer will end on 17 August 2021. Please switch to a supported browser before this date. This tool is not required with other browsers. 

Find out what to do if you receive a message from MeadCo Publishing License asking you to allow advanced printing and ScriptXtra Plugin.

WhosOnLocation uses a plugin called MeadCo ScriptX to automate the printing of passes from any device printing using Internet Explorer.

WhosOnLocation licenses the MeadCo ScriptX plugin on an annual basis. Each time the license renews, you'll need to approve advanced printing. If you don't allow this, printing passes on a Windows device using Internet Explorer won't work.

On the message, click Yes, allow and you'll be able to print. 

If you continue to have issues printing, ask your IT team to uninstall MeadCo ScriptX, then reinstall the plugin
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