Re-enabling Printing after MeadCo ScriptX Updated

This article explains what to do when a kiosk or a Sign In/Out manager user sees the error message below:

Select Yes, Allow.

And that is all you need to do.

What is MeadCo ScriptX Plugin

WhosOnLocation uses a plugin called MeadCo ScriptX to automate printing of passes from any device being used for printing (a Kiosk or Sign In/Out Manager user PC) when the browser is Internet Explorer or Firefox.

In essence this mitigates (or negates) the need for the visitor signing in, or the receptionist signing a visitor in, to have to select the printer and orientation etc... every time they want to print a pass. With the MeadCo ScriptX Plugin installed the pass just prints automatically.

Why does this appear on our Kiosk or Receptionist PC Screen?

WhosOnLocation licenses MeadCo ScriptX Plugin on an annual basis. So this will not happen more than once per year. However in October 2016 WhosOnLocation is set to renew for 3 year periods; thereafter this message will only appear 3 yearly.

What happens if I do not Allow?

Printing passes from WhosOnLocation on a Windows device using Firefox or Internet Explorer won't work.

What do I do if it still won't print?

  1. Get someone from your IT group to go into the PC devices Control Panel > Programs and Features and remove the current instance of MeadCo. (If using Firefox there will be both the MeadCo ScriptX and XtraPlugin programs to remove).
  2. Next close down your browser.
  3. Log back into WhosOnLocation:
  4. If the device is a Kiosk reinstall the latest version of the MeadCo ScriptX by: going to the gear icon in the upper right corner of the Kiosk home screen. Select Kiosk Settings. Enter the kiosk PIN. Select More Options and reinstall the MeadCo ScriptX. Once installed go to close down the browser and log back in then you should be good to go. 
  5. If the device is a receptionist PC then from the WhosOnLocation home screen select Helpdesk from the upper toolbar. Select Advanced Printing. And install the MeadCo ScriptX. Once installed go to close down the browser and log back in then you should be good to go.

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