Pre-Printing Badge Passes (by a Third Party)

If having your logo pre-printed in color by a third party onto badges, please pass this logo positioning paper to them for guidance.

Logo Size and Positioning

The space allocated for logo printing is pre-set by WhosOnLocation. Your logo, regardless of size will be re-sized (with all proportions maintained) to fit into the space on the badge WhosOnLocation as built into this visitor pass template which includes a logo.

The space allocated for the logo is as follows:

A = Top border of logo allocated Space: This is 3mm from top of the badge       

B = Left side border where logo is aligned against: This is 8mm in from left side of the badge

C = Right side border where logo can reach to (length of logo): This is 12mm in from right side of the badge

D = The lower border of the logo space. This is 16mm from the top of the badge

The Blue space   = The space allocated for the logo.


Note: Within the application, select the 'Logo at top of Pass' template then select the 'Information' tab and remove the logo from appearing on the badge.

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