WhosOnLocation on a kiosk runs/prints very slow

Here are some typical reasons why your WhosOnLocation may run slowly

Slow Internet

Some customers have discovered that their internet speed can vary during certain periods of the day and as a result your kiosk may run slow or your visitors may experience some delay when printing labels.

A UK customer advised us that between 8am and 9:15am and again at 1pm the app slows down because all of their employees are logging in to wifi for access to other apps and the network is constrained internally.

Weak Wi-Fi

A customer in Australia told us that their kiosk is a tablet connected to the internet via their business Wi-Fi. They explained that if the receptionist walks away with their tablet and goes into a dead area (with no Wi-Fi or a weak Wi-Fi signal) the WhosOnLocation app will be affected and lose connection.

If the problem persists, please contact us at helpdesk@whosonlocation.com




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