Uppercase vs Lowercase for first two characters for iPad

The application will apply uppercase incorrectly if you use an iPad on Safari and not via the WolKiosk app.

We don't support Safari for WolKiosk. You must download the app and use it as intended.

How to Download Wolkiosk onto your iPad

  1. Open the iPad's internet browser; Safari and go to https://login.whosonlocation.com
  2. On the login screen do not login. Download the WolKiosk for iPad using the Apple link on the login page.
  3. The WolKiosk for iPad opens and advises you that you must have an account. Don't worry you already do. Just Continue.
  4. After installing WolKiosk it will be saved to your iPad Home Screen.
  5. Open WolKiosk
  6. Login to WolKiosk using the Username and Password you created in Step 1 above.
  7. The Kiosk settings window will appear. These are the same settings you created when setting up the iPad Kiosk in Step 1 above.
  8. Select Enter Kiosk
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