Why can I not Edit or Manage my Custom Questionnaire?

From August 27, 2018 you can edit and publish a questionnaire that already has submissions.

Once a questionnaire has had one submission you can no longer edit that questionnaire

The logic is when creating the questionnaire we give you the ability to preview your questionnaire to allow you to make sure your questionnaire is how you want it, is free of errors and spelling mistakes. Once you deploy a questionnaire to a kiosk it’s active BUT you can still edit it UNTIL the first person signs in and uses it. Then it's locked.


To stop people editing questions people have already answered.


What if you genuinely made a mistake and the questionnaire really needs editing?

1: Clone the questionnaire you need to update.

2: Remove the incorrect one.

3: Open the newly cloned version

4: Remove the word (copy), and make any necessary edits and save.

5: Go to Visitor Kiosks and link the new questionnaire to the kiosk and you are good to go.

Example: the questionnaire 'Health Logistics' has been cloned:


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