Changelog 25: New Price Plans

No Price Increases – just more value!

Today we’re announcing our updated price plans for all new and renewing customers.

Traditionally only customers on the Business, Professional, and Enterprise Plans could utilize the power of our Add-ons however we very pleased to announce that all plans now include our awesome Add-ons. 

Highlights of new Pricing
All prices remain the same (for the 6th straight year).

  • Starter and Regular Plans now include Add-ons meaning all plans now include Add-ons.
  • Business Plan Guest Sign-ins have been increased from 3000 to 4000 p.a.
  • Professional Plan Employee sign-ins capped at 150,000 p.a. If you expect to go over talk to us for Enterprise Pricing.

Check out our updated Plans here:

If you’re already a WhosOnLocation customer, you get these benefits immediately – there is nothing for you to do. We appreciate your loyalty.

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