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Internet Explorer startup in kiosk mode – Windows 8/10

Here's how we start Internet Explorer in kiosk mode in Windows 8/10 and go straight to WhosOnLocation page.

First navigate to the folder C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer

Then locate the file iexplore.exe. Right-click it and select Create shortcut

If Windows offers to place the shortcut on your desktop, select Yes.

Right-click and rename your shortcut WhosOnLocation.

Then right-click and select Properties. In the Properties of the shortcut, set the Target to:

"C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe" -k ""

Note: all quotation marks must be included.

And finally, if you want the shortcut icon to display with the WhosOnLocation logo (instead of the default IE logo), save this WOL icon file somewhere on your PC.

Now right-click again on the shortcut on your desktop and click Properties and Change icon.

Navigate to where you saved the WOL.ico file and select it.

Now your shortcut will display with the WOL logo.

Note: Please note that the ONLY way to exit Internet Explorer when it is in Kiosk Mode is by a key sequence of Ctrl-W.

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