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Learn how your Users send WolPass

In this article we show you how to send your visitor a Visit Confirmation Email (WolPass) when pre-registering them to visit you or a colleague.

    1. WolPass is an opt-in Add-on with your organization’s WhosOnLocation Account. This must be enabled for your account by your Account Owner.
    2. Once enabled every employee user of WhosOnLocation can send a visit confirmation email to their visitor (s) when pre-registering them for a visit to your location.
    3. If you want to know more about WolPass go to the Helpdesk and search for WolPass and look at the Introduction to WolPass.


  1. If WolPass is enabled at the location of the visit you will be able to add the email address of your visitor as part of the visit record.
  2. On your pre-registered visitor summary screen select the black Send Email button.
  3. Check that the email address of the visitor is correct.
  4. Select the grey Send button or the tick box beside the visitor’s name and then select the blue Send Email to Selected button (the latter is useful for sending to groups).
  5. Select the green Yes button to confirm you wish to send it.
  6. The grey Send button now changes to a green Sent button to visually give you confirmation that the email has been sent AND the date and time the email was sent is displayed to the right of this button.
  7. Select Close to exit.
  8. Your Pre-registered Visitors screen displays all current visit events that you have pre-registered. This will update and display a green button (that was previously a black button saying Send Email) now showing Sent 1 of 1 OR in the case of the pre-registered visitor event having multiple visitors it may say Sent 2 of 2 or Sent 10 of 10 OR where it’s a group but you chose to only send it to say the lead visitor contact it might say Sent 1 of 10.



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