Adding Address & Map to your WolPass

How to add the address and/or map of a visitor event’s location to your WolPass. You must have the WolPass Manager user role to make changes to the WolPass.

Including the address and/or map of your location on your WolPass is a great way to ensure your pre-registered visitors have an accurate reference to make their way to their visit.

Enabling the Address and Map

1. Go to Tools > WolPass Management

2. Click View next to the WolPass you want to manage

3. Select the Address and Map tab

4. Enter the location’s address

Please Note: You will need to match the address to the Google Maps dropdown menu to get an accurate map location.

5. Select the option(s) you want to enable using the checkboxes

6. Click Preview to see an on-screen preview of your new WolPass settings

7. Click Save & Close to save your changes and return to the WolPass Management screen or click Next to continue making changes

Your location’s address and/or map will now appear on the WolPass you send to pre-registered visitors.

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